«Talking about the preferred future, appreciate what already works, see signs of progress and do small steps»


Everything but usual

In a nutshell


Workshops that strengthen your strengths and have a lasting effect


Coaching and mental training that gives you room for your solutions


Keynote speeches that inspire, motivate and create lasting effects


A partner with practical experience, who gives you a framework to think about your preferred future, to appreciate what already works, and to define small steps.

What working with me can get you:

"Problem talk creates problems, 
solution talk creates solutions"

Steve de Shazer

More than 20 years of experience

100+ satisfied clients

∞ Solutions for your way

Workshops with Solution Focus

Awaken your full potential!

  • Self-leadership: strengthen yourself and your effectiveness, reach goals more easily and with more composure, strengthen resilience, appear convincingly
  • Effective leadership: giving employees a framework in which they can develop their potential and are happy to make their contribution to success
  • Team Performance: Strengthen the cooperation in teams, get to know one's own strengths and those of others, communicate openly, use resources profitably, work together towards a common goal, create a framework in which everyone is happy to get involved. Also suitable in "EVERYTHING BUT USUAL" settings.
  • Successful selling: Create trust, ask the right questions, convince the customer with compelling benefits. Gain confidence in the deal and build long-term customer relationships.
  • Retreats for executive board and board of directors

Coaching/Mental Training

Discover and develop your strengths

  • Personal evaluation: Recognizing your strengths and inclinations, clarifying goals, finding your own way and strengthening your self-confidence. Tackling changes and taking small steps.
  • Time with myself: Pause, decelerate, concentrate on the essentials, find balance, recharge my batteries for a fulfilled instead of fully filled life
  • Leadership coaching: reflect on concrete topics with a sparring partner, keep the overview, calm and serenity, strengthen your appearance
  • Sales coaching: one-on-one coaching to optimize your sales strategy, strengthen communication, security in acquisition and closing, strengthen convincing power
  • Mental training: Strengthen self-confidence, visualize and achieve goals, bring optimal performance even under pressure

Keynote speeches

Let yourself be inspired and take small steps

  • Mental strength – my mind makes the difference: key factors of mental strength and how to train specifically

  • The power of appreciation: genuine appreciation is more than praise, effective leadership with appreciation, promoting a culture of appreciation

  • With the goal in mind, you attract solutions from everywhere: Motivating goals, consistency and small steps