Awaken your full potential!


Experience the special energy and motivation that arises when you think, work towards and develop your preferred future in my workshops. Your motivation will grow by engaging with your own strengths ("strengthen strengths" instead of ironing out weaknesses).


You become aware of where you are already well on your way, you recognize small signs of progress and gain energy for next small steps. The solution-focused approach supports you in introducing more self-organization and holocracy and on the way to more agility in the company.

Would you like to have the workshop in the seminar room or do you prefer an EVERYTHING BUT USUAL setting - at a particularly inspiring location? Let's discuss the appropriate location and your goals together!

My offer for your goals

Self Leadership:

Strengthen yourself and your effectiveness, achieve goals more efficiently, build resilience, be authentic and convince others.

Details of the "Self Leadership" workshop:

Effective Leadership:

Be an authentic role model, inspire, give employees a framework in which they can develop their potential and are happy to make their contribution to the overall success of the company.

Details of the "Effective Leadership" workshop:

Team performance:

Strengthen cooperation, get to know your strengths and those of others, communicate openly, and cultivate a culture of appreciation. Work together towards a common goal, create a framework in which everyone is happy to contribute.

Details of the "Team Performance" workshop:

Successful Selling:

Approach possible clients, build trust, ask suitable questions, convince with compelling benefits, and last but not least gain security in closing a sale. Follow up and build long-term customer relationships.

Details of the "Successful Selling" workshop:

Retreats for executive board and board of directors:

Recognize successes, discuss strategy, goals and concrete topics away from the day-to-day business, create the basis for further success.

Details on "Retraits for the executive board and board of directors":



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